Tips for Selling on Facebook

Facebook marketplace is a way to let users buy and sell their stuff on Facebook. Facebook marketplace operates like Craigslist by helping buyers and sellers find each other but they will not deal with payment or delivery, facebook says they’re just given us more of what we are asking for since more than 450 million people visit buy and sell groups each month and for sure they’ll use this information to sell us more stuff of course. So here are 5 tips that can help to sell on Facebook.

Don’t Try to Undercut Your Price

So first off don’t try to like undercut your price right away thinking that you are going to be able to sell it because you are going to give everybody a really good deal because no matter what price you put they are going to still bargain with you. So you can think you are going to be I got this product for a $100 and I’m going to put it for $9 and it’s going to sell tomorrow. These people are still going to try to get it for $5, so put the price that you want and then be prepared to barter regardless.

Respond to Queries Quickly

We live in like the instant gratitude right now, so if you list something and then you don’t get around to talking to these people and letting them know that you’ll accept their bargain or you won’t or hello it’s available or that it’s not available, these people are going to move on that you are not important and you are not special. The truth of the matter is the stuff that you are selling is probably not very unique unless you have some memorabilia or some you know stuff from the 60s but odds are you are selling you know old clothes or kids stuff or whatever they could just go to Amazon and just buy whatever it is that they want if they really wanted it. So if you are really trying to get rid of it you have to sort of be with the mindset that you are going to return and you are going to have access to your emails and everything for the next 24 hours because otherwise these people are just going to move on.

Make Sure That You Have the Exact Change

The other thing that I like to say is like make sure that you have the exact change. So for example if you are selling something for $50, assume that the buyer is going to come with $60 and hope that you don’t have change so he’ll offer you 60 and then you don’t have the 10 so that he’s going to be like will you take 40, this is how I think. So if you are selling something for $50, bring a $10 bill because you know that that the buyer might bring three $20 bills.

Make Sure you Mark Your Item as Sold

So as soon as your item is sold literally go on to Facebook and mark it as sold, you would save yourself so much time and energy literally because you would get a ton of emails from people like Facebook messages about the stuff that you are selling and you don’t want any more new messages especially regarding a product that has already been sold.

Don’t Spend a lot of Time on Photos

A lot of people are like you have to list a crisp white background, clean professional photography, you know your photos count, your photos are everything and you know what I’m sure that’s true I’m not even trying to say it’s not true but you know what I don’t spend a lot of time on photos because you know who makes the most money are the people that list not the people that spend nine thousand hours perfecting one photo to get that high-quality crisp photo. So make sure you be honest don’t not be dishonest about what you are selling and I think the people who make the most money are the people who list and if you’re nervous about the quality of your photo, that it won’t be able to compete with the rest of the people on Facebook marketplace and that’s deterring you, then you’re never going to make money.

Get rid of that fear and just literally grab three things right now that you know you want to get rid of right now, throw them on Facebook marketplace, listen for a price that you think is something that you would feel comfortable getting rid of and see what happens. So those are my tips for selling on Facebook marketplace.

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