Helpful Tips to Use Social Selling Platforms on Instagram & Facebook from TopShelf Style

In today’s world, where people are always connected by cell phone, tablet and computer, social networks have played a crucial role in personal and work relationships. This same study also showed that among the available social networks, Facebook still shows itself as the preferred users, since approximately 70% of the world population is connected to this network and at least at one point or another they have come across comment selling.

With all this data, you must have realized the importance of social networking and facebook comment selling plays a big role not only on FB but in every social media to generate engagement. After all, it is in them that you can find people, that is, potential customers. Thus, it is impossible to ignore the potential of social networks for the dissemination and sale of products. But with so much information and users on these communication channels, you need to do something different to stand out from your competitors and get the attention of potential customers. So in this post, we’ll help you with some tips for you to optimize the use of social networks and generate more sales for your business!

Brief overview of social networks

Before we show you how you can optimize your social networks to generate more sales, it’s important that you understand a little more about each of them. You probably already know the basic use of these media, but you need to have a picture of them so that you can then define the best ones for your business. Of course, it is very important to have profiles in these channels of communication. However, you must already imagine how difficult it is to keep all social networks working well and with really attractive content since you can find a comment sold in every corner of the social media. Therefore, when reading about each of these media, try to think about your persona so that you understand the best channels for communicating with your audience. This way, you will be able to invest time and strategies only in the most interesting social networks for your business.

How to increase your sales on social networks

Now that you’ve known a little more about each social network, it’s time to understand what you need to do to increase your sales. Of course each network has its specifics, however, there are some tips that serve all of these channels, and it’s about them that we’re going to talk about.

Create relevant content

With so much information available online, you need to differentiate your content to get the attention of your audience. Create content that is relevant to your consumer when they need it. If you are an Affiliate, for example, make reviews about the products you promote. If you are a Producer, invest in content marketing to highlight the differentials of your material. The important thing is to offer unique information in a consistent way! This also applies to the aesthetics of your page: use impact images, well produced and related to your product. Publications with photos and infographics attract people’s attention and facilitate reading, which counts points for your SEO work, which include comment selling.